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And in other News...

Sasha has had the opportunity to speak on mental health for news and media outlets as well as be invited to speak with location schools and organizations. 

High School Friends

CDC data shows increase in suicidal thoughts among teen girls

February 14, 2023



  • Las Vegas Weekly - Article, Helping Parents Talk to Teens About The Pandemic

  • Channel 13, ABC - Interview, Teens Dealing with the Pandemic


  • Channel 13, ABC - Interview, Mental Health and Claims of Abuse

  •  Channel 13, ABC - Interview, Mental Health Awareness Month


Women of Distinction Award: Health Care Services

National Association of Women Business Owners, Nevada




  • Channel 5, Fox News – Interview, specialist on bipolar disorder

  • Chanel 5, Fox News – Interview, Eating Disorders and Tips for Parents

  • Channel 13, ABC - Interview, Coping with the Las Vegas October 1st Shooting

  • Bishop Gormon High School  - Handling Public Speaking Anxiety

  • Channel 13, ABC - Interview, Specialist dealing with the deaths of three local teens due to DUI

  • Las Vegas Woman Magazine - “Local Ladies in Achievement, Motivation, and Growth”

Intwined Ribbons

Nevada shines purple and turquoise for Suicide Prevention Week

September 4, 2022

  • Chanel 8, CBS – Interview, Families Making Transition Back to School 

  • Clark County School District - Creative Ways to Manage Stress 

  • Channel 5, Fox News – Interview, Coping with Stress

  • Clark County School District - Helping Families Deal with Holiday Stress

  • Chanel 8, CBS – Interview, Helping Parents Provide Safety for Children and Technology

  • Chanel 8, CBS – Interview, Coping with Holiday Stress

  • Nevada Business Magazine – “Helping Families Ward off Holiday Stress”

  • Las Vegas View Magazine - “Dealing with Grief and Loss”

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